About Donna La Rue

The focus of my work is the liturgical arts: the place of the arts in the life of faith.

My academic work reflects that interest in the titles of my independent study degree programs: “The Arts for Praise and Prayer,” “The Arts for Worship and Growth,”  and “The Arts for Then and Now.” (See my Academia site for more details)

I attend to historic details and to how they fit within the wider narrative history of the time and place in which they occurred. I seek an interpretive parallax, looking at objects both as created artworks and elements of material culture, each stance offering helpful input towards seeing the object more completely.

I enjoy showing visitors the rich fabric of the areas in which I give my tours, and I am very glad to be asked (with enough lead time) to research and create focused tours around particular interests. Some of these have included family history, the sciences, education and literature, and the lives of women and children.

My work on colonial church art and architecture is closely interwoven with my studies of the burying grounds, in fact, was sprung from it during a family history campaign in which it became clear that information about the churches a well-known family member had pastored were being mis-identified by modern guides and written works.

I’ll probably start a blog on those as well, but for now, this one is a start. I plan to cover about a dozen topics, which I will list in my second or third post.

And then we’ll see if I can keep up with myself!

(photo credit: to be posted)